Flexible tile grout 


Surimassa flex voegcement flexible tile grout 


Surimassa flex voegcement is a flexible tile grout on cement-based resin for jointing & ceramic wall and floor tiles. Especially for wet rooms, under floor heating systems, application outdoors.

Surimassa Flex voegcement can be used for joint widths from 2 mm to 10 mm.


The tile adhesive should always completely tied off and dry. The depth of the joint should be at least 5 mm. If necessary, scratch out.

Mix a bag of 5 kg flex voegcement in 2 liters of clean water and mix well till a smooth lump free paste is obtained. Moisten the tile  joints in advance to prevent quick drying of the tile grout. Apply the tile grout  in the joints with a joint rubber or trowel. Sponge out with clean water, after the tile grout is dried.

Surimassa Flex voegcement is approx 1 hour to process. Keep the  tile joints moisture for 48 hours.

At all cement-bound tile grouts the curing process and color tone are depending of the moisture supply from the substrate and of the environment State. An uneven moisture supply can result in staining and color nuance . The manufacturer shall not be liable for this.

In warm weather, should always be taken into account with a faster drying.

Too rapid drying can lead to inadequate strength development.


Do not use below + 5° C

Store dry. In unopened bag the shelf life is at least 12 months

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