This modular building block in civil engineering,
offers manufacturers the possibility to reduce the
construction time of 50% and construction costs between 30 and 50%

What is the modular construction method?

The modular building method is a technique in construction where the ecobrick is applied with an interlock system, also called "male and female system".

In addition to the interlock connection, the ecobrick also has 2 holes, being the result of 25 years of research in construction, and won the first prize in the world civil construction convention in 2001, as the largest construction innovation in recent times.

The ecobrick functions, texture, perfect size and finish, ensure that a building can be realized quickly, without loss of material and with considerable financial savings.


Waarom de ecobrick?


This stone is called ecological because during the manufacturing process nature is not affected, and that during the construction there is very little or no construction dirt.

How is the ecological, modular building block, ecobrick, made?

For the manufacture of the ecobrick, three basic elements are used.


The sand used in the manufacture is sieved and possibly ground and then, mixed with cement and water.


this mixture is pressed under a pressure of up to 12 tons, to complete the stone an effective cure and drying, until ready for use.

Load capacity

The ecobrick can carry 6 tons of weight, can be exposed to moisture and rain without breaking, since cement has been used in the composition and cement has been treated with water during the curing process, the ecobrick obtains a greater load-bearing capacity over its life.


The Chinese wall is the first building realized in bricks made of sand and vulcanic remains, which is the origin of cement.

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