Surimassa Construction and Construction services consisting of:

1. Contracts for the construction, renovation, repair and (re) arrangement of registered property.
2. Adopting and carrying out Architectural and Civil Engineering Works (Road and Hydraulic Engineering Works), as well as earthworks and painting and performing all related activities.
3. Prefabricated homes

Surimassa Industries:
1. Manufacturer for the production of tile glue, joint cement and other products.
2. Buying, selling and exploiting real estate
3. The manufacture and marketing of all products required for its business, such as building materials, construction machinery, steel construction, all raw materials for the construction industry, home furniture, kitchen furniture, and all other necessary furniture and accessories.
4. Agent & representative.


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Afobakkaweg no. 1960 Mast 15 Klein Powakka, Para, Suriname Phones: 8514521/ 8596307 Email: [email protected]

About Us

Surimassa Industries N.V. provides construction services and products: This is understood to mean the manufacturing of various tile adhesives, and the provision of services in residential and non-residential construction.

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