Masonry mortar


Surimassa metselcement  Masonry mortar


Surimassa Metselcement, is a readymade mixture of cement, sand, metakaolin & additives.

Surimassa Metselcement MC12, 5 , is a masonry mortar for the laying of cement stones & bricks for foundations, indoor and outdoor walls.

Surimassa Metselcement MC12, 5 has a good persistence, is water resistant and adheres to all Stony surfaces such as concrete, cement, stone and others.


Surimassa Metselcement MC12, 5 is mixed with clean water until the correct workability is obtained. Surimassa Metselcement MC12, 5 is approx. 1 hour to process.

  • Before the bricklaying, the stones must be wet the day before.
  • knocking on the stones after bricks are laid may not be good. It is important to lay the bricks full and remove all the excess grout from the masonry.
  • If after the bricklaying is going to be jointed, the joints must be scratch out. The Centre length-wise depth must be the same as the joint thickness, so that there is a square cross section.
  • The masonry must be protected from drying out by covering it with foil or spray it with water until the masonry takes no more water.


Down 5 C °and above 30 C ° Surimassa Metselcement MC12, 5 may not be processed.

Store dry. In unopened bag the shelf life is at least 12 months.


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