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"Manufacturer of quality building products."

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Surimassa Industries N.V. was founded on 19 march 2007 and is located in Para, Afobakkaweg perc. 1960, Mast 15. Manufacturer for the production of tile adhesive, joint cement and other products.


The mission of Surimassa Industries N.V. is: "to produce & deliver qualitative construction products and services at a competitive market price".

The aim of the company is:

the importing and / or manufacturing and marketing of building materials, construction machinery, steel structures, tools for the construction industry, everything in the broadest sense.
Accepting, assuming, executing and commissioning all works in the field of construction, and performing all activities related thereto.
Participating in or collaborating with other companies or institutions with an equal or related purpose.
Doing, selling and / or exploiting real estate and furthermore.
Driving every business and every company that a company in Suriname has jurisdiction.

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Afobakkaweg no. 1960 Mast 15 Klein Powakka, Para, Suriname Phones: 8514521/ 8596307 Email: [email protected]

About Us

Surimassa Industries N.V. provides construction services and products: This is understood to mean the manufacturing of various tile adhesives, and the provision of services in residential and non-residential construction.

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