Highly deformable tile adhesive


Surimassa flexcement C2 S1C  Highly deformable tile adhesive 


Highly deformable tile adhesive suitable for fixing ceramic wall and Floor tiles, also porcellanato , glass mosaic, mosaic, marble and natural stones to most surfaces like concrete, tiled surfaces, floor heating systems and most board materials.


Mix 1 bag of Surimassa Flexcement with 6 liters of clean water with a mortar mixer till a smooth lump free paste is  obtained. Mix the mortar well again after 5 minutes of maturing. The mixture is now ready and can be used for approximately 4 hours.

Surfaces must be clean, dry, strong and crack free. Apply the adhesive to  the surface with a notched trowel with rectangular teeth. Choose a tooth size so that each tile is set at least 80% fully in the adhesive.( for outside 100%). Apply the tile with a sliding movement into fresh adhesive. Open time is depending on temperature, humidity and air circulation maximum 30 minutes.


Do not use below + 5° C and above + 30° C .

Store dry. In unopened bag the shelf life is at least 12 months

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